Restoration consists of evaluating and estimating the cost to restore the radio to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications). The cost is dependent on whether the radio utilizes vibrators or transistors.

All paper capacitors, filter condensers and buffer capacitors will be replaced with new components. Other descrete electronics, including tubes, must be evaluated. If any of these parts fail to meet specification they will be replaced.

A transistor set will have a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The PCB will be serviced for bad soulder points and cracks and any failed descrete electronics will be replaced in order to meet recommended specifications.

All controls will be cleaned and lubed as needed. Radios will be aligned for proper application. All radios will undergo bench tests to verify a quality restoration. Any minor cosmetic flaws will be corrected or repaired to the extext that such is possible.

In the unlikely event that a needed part is not available we will contact you concerning possible options. A donor radio can be used to supplant the missing parts at a nominal fee or the failed radio can be returned at no charge.

Home Radios

We can repair all vintage or antique home radios. We do not repair cabinetry. If you do need cabinatry work we can refer you to a skilled professional who specialises in cabinet restoration

Car and Truck Radios

We restore all car and truck radios (predating the 70s) including Wonderbar, Town & Country and other signal seeking radios. We restore both American and European radios. If you are unsure if your radio if restorable. Please [contact us](link to contact page)


Your original AM radio can be converted to an AM/FM mono radio or AM/FM stereo radio. A conversion is a process in which a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is added to the existing radio that allows the reception of AM/FM/Auxilary devices (such as iPods, MP3 players or satillite radio). With a stereo conversion some of the original electronics may have to be removed to accomodate the new PCB.

In some instances, when converting older radios, some components may need to be replaced with newer alternatives. When needed balance and fader controls are added.

FMC-1 FM Tuner (FM Mono)

The FMC-1 is very small and unobtrusive, so small in fact that it can be mounted entirely in the head of a 1953-1959 Ford F100 radio. The FMC-1 can be used in all installations with a working radio. For an additional charge the radio may be repaired to accomodate the kit. This includes 6 volt or 12 volt battery, positive or negative ground, and signal seeking radios like the Delco Wonderbar and Ford and Chrysler Town & Country. Since no modification of the original radio is required, and since the FMC-1 is easily removable without a trace, the originality and value of the AM radio is retained. The FMC-1 uses advanced digital electronics and sophisticated software algorithms to completely replicate the user experience of an original analog automotive FM radio. With perfect quartz locked accuracy and an operational feel that is smooth and precise, no one will ever know that your original AM radio can now receive FM broadcasts and be used with an MP3 player, satellite radio or similar device.

FMR-1 AM/FM Reciever (FM Stereo)

The FMR1 Stereo conversion allows 4 speaker stereo from AM/FM, iPod, MP3, CD, and Bluetooth input.

Designed to meet automotive OEM and SAE performance specifications, the FMR-1 represents a no compromise design. All critical components are full automotive OEM grade parts, not lower cost, lower quality parts designed for aftermarket/consumer products. Every aspect of the design and operation of the FMR-1, no matter how insignificant was scrutinized, resulting in a product that performs beyond the expectations of even the most demanding user.

Through the use of sophisticated algorithms and a custom RealTimeOperatingSystem (RTOS), the FMR-1 offers unprecedented levels of features and performance. Working equally well with any original tuner (inductive, capacitive and resistive) the FMR-1 offers smooth and precise tuning rivaling the best analog tuners available. Installation time is significantly reduced since the FMR-1 easily adapts to just about any radio configuration from the 1930's thru the 1980's. Signal Seeking radios like the Delco Wonderbar and Ford and Crysler Town & Country radios are fully supported including features like sensitivity controls (Town & Country). By combining the unsurpassed performance of the FMR-1‘s AM/FM receiver with its high performance microprocessor, it finds the stations every time. The addition of subwoofer jacks are availiable as well.

The automotive grade receiver offers such features as noise blankers which help eliminate ignition and generator/alternator noise and an automatic bandwidth filter that continuously adjusts from narrow to wide for optimum performance in all situations. Meeting industry performance specification like SAE J1113-42, the FMR-1 cannot be damaged by battery reversal, double battery jump starts, alternator disconnects (load dump), etc. Even if a careless mechanic accidentally connects the battery up backwards, the FMR-1 is completely protected.

The digitally controlled power amplifier provides up to 4 X 45W of output power and is fully protected against over-voltages, shorts between lines as well as to ground or power. It is controlled by the onboard microprocessor and intelligently monitors the speaker connections and makes decisions such as enabling or disabling the balance and fader controls based on these readings. It uses a unique Class SB topology similar to standard Class AB while using only 1/3 the power at normal listening levels resulting in less heat being generated.

Five fully buffered line level outputs, four for front/rear channels and one for subwoofer, allow the FMR-1 to drive out-board amps for those who wish to add even more audio power. Stereo auxiliary inputs are provided for adding other audio sources such as iPod's, MP3 players, CD players, satellite radios, etc

The FMR-HV1 supply is used to power the high voltage seek relays used in many late 1950's Delco Wonderbar radios. The FMR-HV1 is a current limited supply that works with both the low impedance and high impedance style relays. With it's 52V open circuit output voltage, even the high impedance style relays will operate normally without having to weaken the return spring. Unlike most switching supplies that operate at 20-40kHz causing noise across the AM band, the FMR-HV1 uses an automotive switching regulator operating at 2MHz. Since this frequency is above the AM band, the FMR-HV1 cannot interfere with AM reception. The FMR-HV1 is fully self contained and requires no external components. It is designed to wire directly between the FMR-1 and the seek relay. It's ultra small size and high efficiency allow it to be easily mounted inside the radio.

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Bluetooth now available!

Bluetooth Adapter Kit

Answer incoming calls and place outgoing calls with compatible phones — all without having to fumble around for your cell phone. You can also stream music from any compatible phone or tablet — use the dedicated keys to skip or replay tunes.


  • Bluetooth® v2.1 + EDR with built-in NFC simple pairing function.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Can be quickly moved between your 'daily driver' and your weekend car.
  • Provides hands-free function for your phone, includes built-in microphone.
  • Allows any Bluetooth-enabled product to connect to your stereo system.
  • Has a 5 Volt, 2.1 Amp USB charging port for phones and other devices.
  • Includes panel mount Aux input jack for easy accessibility.
  • 93dB SNR and distortion typically less than 0.05% for clean, clear reception.
  • 10 meter (30 feet) range.
  • Input voltage: 12-24 V. Negative ground only.
  • Supports up to 5 phone connections. Connects to the last one paired.